• Abseiling in Sao Jorge Island - Azores
  • Abseiling in Sao Jorge Island - Azores
  • Abseiling in Sao Jorge Island - Azores


abseiling in sao jorge island - azores

Abseiling is nothing more than a technique used to descent a vertical drop with the help of a rope. Used by climbers at the end of a big climbing, to descend into deep caves, by firefighters to rescue victims and adventurers who descend bridges, cliffs, waterfalls, etc .

Abseiling was used to do the descent technique through ropes, practiced in mountaineering, climbing, canyoning, cascading and other vertical activities.

This program is organized for all participants to enjoy a new experience of descending vertical drops in a natural setting and in touch with nature.

Abseiling in Sao Jorge Island - Azores

activity informations


difficulty level

Tour Total time

 total time < 4h

minimum age

12  years

price 1 px


price 2 or + px


ativity number


additional information

bring to the activity

Elastic (if applicable);

Confortable clothes;

Wind shield.;

Sports shoes for use in the activity;

included in activity

Accredited guides;

All equipment for the activity;




Gift Aventour.