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Terms & Conditions

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The Aventour - Azores Adventures is a company registered in the Register of Regional Tourist Animation Agents (RRAAT) with license no: 13/2014 / AAR (July 10).


These Terms and Conditions apply to any travel products and/or services purchased from Aventour and the contractual relationship between you and Aventour.  By booking any Product with Aventour you acknowledge that you have read and understand these Terms, and indicate your express acceptance of and agree to be bound by these Terms. The general conditions expressed here can be supplemented by specific conditions sent to the client, and those specific conditions are complementary and have priority over the general conditions.


The proposed services (price, location, other information) will be valid only for the dates given in the proposal. The description of each service on our website and in customized proposals sent to customers is short but as explicit as possible. However, the content and format of services may suffer slight changes depending on the time of the year and weather conditions. Possible changes will be communicated in the confirmation of your reservation. The activity programs provided to customers include a detailed description of activities, such as rules of conduct, general and specific conditions, prices and other information. Participants in the activities should therefore take note of the respective activity program.


The duration of the activities is only given for guidance and approximately, depending on the reality of external factors. It will be given 15 minutes tolerance for all participants to gather at the meeting point.

Booking / Payment

All activities and services are Aventour brand. In order to hire the services of Aventour, you must book in using the form on our website www.aventour.pt or by e-mail info@aventour.pt or by phone talking to an Aventour collaborator. A booking is confirmed and these Terms shall apply when Aventour has received the applicable deposit from the Client and the Client has received written confirmation from Aventour of such booking meaning it's to make the purchase of the requested service and to agree with the general and specific conditions of the activity. Thus, undertakes to pay all services. After making the booking you have to pay 50% of the total price, and the other remaining 50% is paid before the activity. The booking is required once it is needed to send data from participants for insurance purposes. The first half payment of the activities should be made by bank transfer, being necessary to send the transference receipt by email.

Refunds and Cancellations / Changes / Annulment

In case we need to cancel the operation of a service for reasons we can’t control (eg weather conditions), you'll be notified as soon as possible and we will make every effort to present you an alternative date of your convenience or this may lead to a full refund of the booking amount.


The Aventour - Azores Adventures reserves the right to cancel the activities in the following cases:

          There aren’t the minimum participants required for each activity;

          Weather conditions or other render it impossible to be practised;

          The security conditions don’t allow a safe practice;

          The schedule was not respected;

          The conditions laid down in the special conditions are not met.


The realization of many of our activities dependent on weather conditions. If an activity is cancelled due to weather conditions, a new reservation will be offered, but having always in mind the weather conditions of the respective day.
If the customer cancels 20 days before the date of the meeting, it will be fully refunded.
In one day activities, you will receive a full refund if you cancel 72 hours before the activity and if Aventour, depending of the activity booked, has not already made commitments to other operators involved in the activity.

In activities lasting longer than one day, you must cancel 20 days before the activity, otherwise it is possible that you have to pay for expenses, or lose the amount paid.

Transports / Transfers

In the services we provide, unless expressly stated otherwise, the transfer is not included in the activity. When booking, a link (Google Maps) will be sent to you with the location of the Meeting Point for the beginning of the activity. You can also ask us for a transfer from your place of accommodation, for which we charge a supplementary fee. 
We offer a discount of 5€ per person, on the value of each activity, if you go directly to the Meeting Point. You have this option on the reservations page.

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Safety Standards

The Aventour activities strictly follow the safety rules, reducing the risks associated with the activities we develop. However, participants should be aware that due to the nature of the activities the risk cannot be reduced by 100%.
Participants of Aventour activities should undertake to follow certain rules of conduct, which respect their own safety, the other people’s (participants of the activities or not) safety and nature. Aventour and its employees are not responsible for inappropriate behaviors of the participants during the activities. However, for security reasons, they can end the activity.
Clients are responsible for assessing their own suitability and capability to participate in the Product such Client has booked. Certain activities require verification of certain conditions on the person who performs it, such as age, health status and other requirements.

Whenever possible such restrictions are indicated in the proposal sent to the customer, being advised its attentive reading after receiving it.


Insurance policy No: 095/234425 Liberty Seguros
Civil Liability insurance, which covers property and personal injury of third parties and customers, which can be of our responsability in the course of our activity.

Insurance policy No: 1009146660 Liberty Seguros
Personal Accident Insurance, all participants of our activities should be covered by a personal accident insurance, triggered on your behalf.


          20.000 Euros in case of death or total and permanent disability

          3.500 Euros for treatment costs

Others informations

All Aventour site content (text, photographic and information) is protected by copyright and may not be used without prior authorization from Aventour. The images and video collected during the activities carried out by Aventour may be used for dissemination of the same services.

The photographs taken by Aventour during activities will be offered to customers who can use them freely.