• Canyoning in Sao Jorge Island in Azores

Canyoning Experience in Azores

On these holidays the level goes up with Canyoning Experience. Your next challenge on São Jorge Island in the heart of the Azores.

This is a product for those who have already had some experience in the business or have experienced some canyonings. There are waterways with verticals higher than the 25 meters without exceeding the 50 meters, though, with several abseilings and jumps (optional).


Before starting the activity, you will have a briefing with the monitors to give and test the equipment, as well as transmit information about the route that we will do and the safety procedures we have to take.

Many of the canyonings that we have equipped for this level end up by sea and it is required to leave the coast on foot or by boat. You can also make this choice (transfer by boat).


One of the beauties of the practice of this sport in this island is, exactly, the boat trips. After the last vertical, the transfer by boat is another unique experience that no longer you will forget.


Facing the gravity in the vertical stream with the ocean at our feet is something that only those who have this experience can describe. Do not miss this opportunity...


Please note: because you have done multiple canyoning only with jumps does not mean that you are fit for this activity. You must have already done some canyonings with abseilings. In the booking form, inform us of your experience in this activity.

Canyoning Experience in Sao Jorge Island in Azores

activity informations

distance  < 1Km

Duração do percurso

duration  < 05h00

Tempo total de atividade

total time  < 6h

Caminhada de aproximação e saída

approche 01h00

Número total de cascatas

total verticals  >7

Maior Vertical

higher vertical  >30m

15 years

difficulty level


additional information

Ponto de Encontro

meeting point

 The meeting point is where the activity starts.
When you make the reservation, a link will be sent to you with the location of the Meeting Point to the activity's starting point. 

bring to the activity

Swimwear, if possible already dressed;


Elastic (if applicable);

Confortable clothes;


Slippers or shoes for the end of the activity.

included in activity

Accredited guides;

High quality standard safety equipment: shoes, harness, neoprene socks and wetsuit, helmet and group safety equipment;



Snack and waters;

Gift Aventour.


- You get a discount of 5€ per person, if you go directly to the meeting point for the activity. We will send you the coordinates (Google Maps) of the meeting point.

- The prices for a single client, at the time of booking, are 50% off. On the date of the activity, if there is only one client, you will have to pay the remaining 50% (at the meeting point), if there are no other clients for the same tour.