• Coasteeering in Portugal

Coasteering in Azores

Jump, Climb and Swim with Coasteering in the Azores, in the Islands of São Jorge and Graciosa and have fun on the coast lines that will be your playground.

Coasteering consists of progressing along the rocky coast, with jumps to the sea, rock climbing swimming, exploring caves. It is a water sport that is gaining fans in the Azores and in the world. This mixture of trekking, swimming, climbing and caving is called Coasteering.


The jumps from the rocks into the water are the highlight of Coasteering. It exists for all tastes, but in general it does not exceed six meters and the scenery is paradisiacal. The turquoise waters off the coast of the islands of São Jorge and Graciosa offer some of the best spots in the Azores and Portugal for the practice of this adventure sport.

We can say that Coasteering is the son of Canyoning, which also consists of progressing along a river overcoming obstacles through climbing, abseiling and jumping. The same concept was thus applied to progression across the coast.

  Coasteering  in São Jorge Island in Azores

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  Coasteering in Graciosa Island in Azores

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