• Pacotes Especiais - Passion 2 Adventure - na Ilha de São Jorge - Açores
  • Pacotes Especiais - Passion 2 Adventure - na Ilha de São Jorge - Açores
  • Pacotes Especiais - Passion 2 Adventure - na Ilha de São Jorge - Açores

passion 2 adventure

special packs 2 days in sao jorge island - azores

Is there anything missing for a perfect vacation? Let yourself be bewitched by the charms of Dragon Island in this specially designed package for yourself, for you and your soul mate and/or friends.


Descend waterfalls, enjoy the fresh air when visiting our Fajãs and discover the island on foot, bike and quad bike. Adventure into new experiences during the day and spend the night in paradise and pampering yourself with the magnificent sunsets with your partner or your friends. This is how you can spend your 2 escapade days if you decide to spend it with us.


This island is known for its high cliffs with white houses on the coast (the Fajãs) and for the hospitality of its inhabitants. So this is a place that deserves the honour of your visit...and we will be honoured by it.

day 1

We begin the program with a Bike Tour, starting at Pedro’s Peak (Pico do Pedro) and ending by the sea, at Fajã do Ouvidor. This route leads us through some of the highest points of the volcanic complex of São Jorge island where we find craters of extinct volcanoes with beautiful lagoons populated with fish of a reddish colour. We will still observe the endemic flora, typical of this region. It stands out the rarest orchid of Europe, the Platanthera Azorica that can be found in the Hope’s Peak (Pico da Esperança).


At mountain range of São Jorge island which reaches 1,056mts altitude at Hope’s Peak (Pico da Esperança), one can enjoy panoramic views of São Jorge and the other islands of the Central Group.


This tour ends at Fajã do Ouvidor, by the sea. This Fajã stands out for its geological formations by the coast, generally denominated by "Poças". These volcanic formations originated natural swimming pools that in turn formed excellent bathing areas. The biggest and best known is the Poça Simão Dias.


Before lunch, you may refresh yourself in the beautiful natural pools of the Poça Simão Dias and observe the prismatic formations that surround the lagoons.


We will take a lunch and rest break before moving on to paradise break.

Special Pack 2 days- Passion 2 Adventure - São Jorge Island - Azores

In the afternoon we will go to the starting point of the walking tour. This route was an old connection path between the inhabitants of the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo and the south coast of the island, namely Calheta village (Vila da Calheta).

Along the descent, we may observe a great variety of endemic plants that populate this valley. In addition to the endemic flora, there are several birds, grazing cows along the trail and goats which, after the 1980 earthquake, become wild.

In this valley there is a large hydrographic network that is noticed by the sound of the water, which intensifies as we descend along the trail. Here, the streams run all year round, due to water tables of the surrounding mountains and some plants that retain water, such as the "Mantão".


Upon arriving at Caldeira de Cima, we will have a first experience in adventure sports: Cascading. It is the activity of descending water cascades using rappel techniques. After this refreshing activity, we will proceed the walk to the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo.

Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo - São Jorge Island - Azores

Arriving at the Fajã, we will visit it to know some of the stories of the place and appreciate the beauties of this corner of the world. We will visit the interpretation center of the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo and the Church, where our tour Guides have some curiosities to tell.


You may also take a dip in the calm waters of the lagoon at the Fajã. This is the lagoon where the famous clams of Caldeira are bred, being also the unique site of the Azores that they reproduce. You may taste this delicacy at the Fajã, just ask our guide to book (extra program).


By end of the afternoon we will visit Furna do Póio, an underground volcanic cavity with a freshwater lagoon inside, coming from the bowels of the mountain (optional). 


We will leave this little paradise in a quad bike ride to the Fajã dos Cubres, for a course of 5km with the approximate duration of 00:20hr, with an Aventour driver.


At Fajã dos Cubres we will take our transfer to our Base, where we will finish this full of adventures day.


Attention: We have an overnight sleeping option at the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, on camping or local accommodation. If this is your option, tell us in the booking notes.

day 2

We initiate that day with Rappel and Climbing activities, soon after a rope manoeuvres and equipment handling briefing, alongside with some basic Rappel and Climbing techniques needed for these activities developed in an excellent view scenario.

We will make a 40 metres vertical descend in one of the most exuberant spots of São Jorge island.


At this point, we will be only 30 minutes away of one of the high points of this day: the Canyoning Baptism. During the small walk that gets us to the water line, our guides will tell you the history of this place and the importance it had for the local people. 

Approaching the starting point of the Canyoning, our guides will perform a small briefing on safety and progression in a water line issues. This activity will have the approximate duration of 2 hours, with several Rappels and a jump (optional).

Canyoning in São Jorge Island - Azores

We will finish the activity by the sea in one of São Jorge’s Fajãs where you may take a sea bath.

After we go visit one the most beautiful waterfall in the island with 50 meters high and take a shower dwon the waterfall.

We returning to our Base by boat tour and watching the Fajãs and more waterfalls of the south coast of São Jorge Island.


It will undoubtedly be one day of not to be missed new experiences.      


Attention: In case the weather does not allow performing some activities, we can always replace them with others arranged accordingly with the client’s option.

activity informations


difficulty level

Transfers desde

our base

Tempo total de atividade

total time  2 days

minimum age

16  years

price from

- 1px 450  

- 2 or +px 350  

activitie number


additional information

program activities

Bike Tour;

Walking Trail;

Boat Tour;




what to bring to this activity

Swimsuit/shorts (preferably already dressed);


Elastic hair band (if needed);

Backpack (maximum 25L);

Comfortable and light clothing (we recommend shorts);

Windproof fleece;



Comfortable tennis shoes to use in the activities (including Canyoning);

Slippers (for the end of the program);


included in the activity

Accredited Guides;

All the material needed for the activities;





Gift Aventour.