• Special Packs 1 day - Caldeira Adventure Plus - in Sao Jorge Island - Azores

Special Caldeira Adventure Plus

Challenge yourself on a full day of Adventure Experiences to discover the mythical Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo on São Jorge Island in the Azores.

This is a multi-activity program which will take us to one of the symbols of the island of São Jorge - Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo. Throughout the program we will present you with many activities, highlighting the "Baptism of Canyoning". We will always be surrounded by a lush nature and breath taking landscapes. The pack "Caldeira Adventure Plus" is aimed at 15 years old youngsters or older and with a moderate physical activity. This program was launched in 2010 along with the pack "Caldeira Adventure". The only difference between these two packs is the Baptism of Canyoning.

This program begins with a transfer to the start our pedestrian walk. This trail was once used by the Caldeira de Santo Cristo’s inhabitants to go to the south of the island, including Calheta.

During the descent, we can see a variety of endemic plants that populate this valley. In addition to the endemic flora, there are many birds, cows grazing along the trail and goats, that after the earthquake 1980 became wild.

In this valley there is a large river system that is noticed by the sound of water, which gets louder as we descend along the trail. Here, the streams run throughout the whole year due to groundwater of the surrounding mountain and some plants that retain water, such as "Sphagnum".

Each participant will take their individual equipment. It consists of a backpack with a wetsuit, neoprene socks, a tight bidon, harness and helmet. It will take about 1 hour of trekking before beginning Canyoning.

After arriving to the starting point of Canyoning, there’ll be a briefing for security procedures and abseiling techniques.

All customers are always monitored by the Aventour’s monitors and guides, once it is them who assemble the descent lines (Abseiling) and security systems.

Through the Canyoning we observe many endemic plants and some animals. It is also possible to find wild goats in this area. One of the other emotions provided by Canyoning is the exclusive access to these hidden places and beauties that only the canyoners are privileged to see and enjoy.

Canyoning in Caldeira Santo Cristo - São Jorge Açores

The Baptism of Canyoning will last approximately 2:30 hours. At the end, we will exchange clothes and walk another 30 minutes to Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo. When we get to the Fajã, let's go for a swim in the lagoon. Here the famous clams are reproduced and you can find many species of fish. After a refreshing bath, it's time for lunch (you can taste the clams, it´s extra program).

After lunch, we will walk around the Fajã to visit the church and learn about some facts of the place. By mid-afternoon we will go to the Cavern of Poio, as the locals call it, to make a visit to this volcanic cave (optional) with a fresh water lagoon inside and with tide.

We offer 3 options for leaving Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo: on foot or by boat.

Walking – it is a pedestrian trail of about 5 km along the coast. It is 1 hour hiking approximately;

Boat - Our boat will be waiting for us at the exit of the cave. We will have to prepare ourselves for the exit by boat. Everyone has to leave by swimming, except for those who do not know how to swim and children. These will be transported in a support boat, along with our equipment. Another high point of this adventure. On the boat, we will continue along the north coast of the island to the tip of the Topo, where we will pass between the islet and the eastern tip of the Island of Sao Jorge. We will continue along the south coast of Sao Jorge Island to the village of Calheta, observing the Fajas by the sea and the waterfalls that paint the slope of the island.

Minimum 6 px for boat tour.

If the conditions at the sea are unsafe we will leave to Fajã dos Cubres (5 km) by quad bike..

Warning: There are many groups that travel together, as well as families, who choose these two programs, "Caldeira Adventure Plus" and "Caldeira Adventure" for the same day. Halfway through the programs these groups join together to have lunch in Faja da Caldeira of Santo Cristo and finish the program together.

activity information


difficulty level

Hiking Distance

hiking  5 or 10Km

Canyoning duration

canyoning  <2h

Total Time of Activity

total time 8h

Localização da Atividade

caldeira sto. cristo




total verticals 4 

Higher Vertical

high waterfall  15m

10  years


additional information

Ponto de Encontro

meeting point

 The meeting point is where the activity starts.
When you make the reservation, a link will be sent to you with the location of the Meeting Point to the activity's starting point. 

program activities

Walking Trail;


Visit the Interpretation Center of the Faja;

Vísit the Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo;


bring to the activity

Swimsuit, if possible already dressed;


Elastic (if applicable);

Comfortable and light clothing (we recommend shorts);

Tennis shoes for use in the activities;

Slippers for the end of the program;

Wind Shield;



included in the activity

Accredited guides;

All equipment (canyoning boots, harness, neoprene suit and helmet);



Snacks and Waters;



Gift Aventour.


- You get a discount of 5€ per person, if you go directly to the meeting point for the activity. We will send you the coordinates (Google Maps) of the meeting point.

- The prices for a single client, at the time of booking, are 50% off. On the date of the activity, if there is only one client, you will have to pay the remaining 50% (at the meeting point), if there are no other clients for the same tour.


Boat Tour is an extra payment (if option).

We also reallize this program in private.