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Walking Trail Caldeira Santo Cristo

The most exuberant hiking trail in the Azores. Discover Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo from the mountain to the sea walking in the nature.

This was a traditional route to get to Fajã da Caldeira Santo Cristo, situated between the cliffs and the sea. The most impressive in this fajã is the isolation and consequent inaccessibility. However there are still a few people who remained there after the 1980 earthquake, unwilling to abandon the fajã. Eight is the number of people living there during the twelve months of the year.

The first part of the walking has a distance of 5 km through a valley until we reach the so called Fajã da Caldeira de Cima. On this trail we will go through a vast diversity of endemic plants, geological formations and diverse fauna. 
In Fajã da Caldeira de Cima, the first of the six fajãs that we will pass on this tour, it will be possible to observe the built heritage, houses and water mills where the old inhabitants of Fajã spent the summer months with their families and pets. The landscape is imposing, with streams that plunge into beautiful waterfalls of clear water, inviting you to swim. If you want to have this fantastic experience, we will pause so that you can enjoy this gift of nature. Then we will follow up to the viewpoint of the Fajã where we will have the first view of the Paradise - Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo. It is time to contemplate...

Leaving the valley behind and heading towards Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, you can have a glimpse at the slope on the east of the island and listen to the explanation of our guides, for example, the formation of all Fajãs.

Hiking in Sao Jorge island in Azores

We got to the place where time does not exist, where the past and future are present and the soul is small before the beauty that we witness.

After a swim in the natural lagoon and a delicious snack, let's take a tour to visit Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo and make contact with some locals, as also visit the Interpretation Center of Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo. 

Now it is time to complete the trekking of 5 km and go on enjoying the scenery, always followed by the sound of waves that echoes on the cliff all the way to Fajã dos Cubres, passing by Fajã dos Tijolos and Fajã do Belo.

Once in Fajã dos Cubres, the finishing point of this tour, we will visit the lagoon where we can, hopefully, observe some migratory birds that use its margins as a waypoint. We finish with a visit to the church of Nossa Senhora de Lurdes.

We’ll leave Fajã dos Cubres in our transfer, going through Fajã da Bitesga and stopping at the viewpoint to say goodbye, with one last photo, to this place, "blessed by god and nature."

activity information


difficulty level

Distance of the Hiking

total distance: 10km

Hiking duration

hiking: 3h

Total Time of the Activity

total time: 5h

Starting Point

start: piquino da urze

Finish Point

finish: fajã dos cubres


north coast

Maximum Altitude

altitude max: 670m

6 years


additional information

Ponto de Encontro

meeting point

 The meeting point is where the activity starts.
When you make the reservation, a link will be sent to you with the location of the Meeting Point to the activity's starting point. 

bring to the activity

Comfortable and light clothing;

Hiking boots or tennis shoes;


Backpack not exceeding 25L;

Waterproof jacket;

Wind shield.;


included in the activity

​​​​​​​ Accredited guides;




Gift Aventour.


- You get a discount of 5€ per person, if you go directly to the meeting point for the activity. We will send you the coordinates (Google Maps) of the meeting point.

- The prices for a single client, at the time of booking, are 50% off. On the date of the activity, if there is only one client, you will have to pay the remaining 50% (at the meeting point), if there are no other clients for the same tour.

- Children up to 12 years old have a discount.