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Walking Trail Paradise Valley

Hiking in Paradise Valley with a breathtaking view to the most famous Fajã in the world: Fajã Caldeira de Santo Cristo in São Jorge Island.

This is a different trail to get to Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo for those who like walking with a bit of adventure, different from the traditional walking trails that the visitors are used to to get to the idyllic place, the so known Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo.

The locals call "Paradise" to this ridge and this is due to the unique landscapes that we will find along the walk. When the Fajãs of San jorge were a fixed place of residence much of this route was used by locals to go to some fajãs as Caldeira de Santo Cristo, Redonda and Sanguinhal.

Who chooses this route will certainly be satisfied, because you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery this island and all the Azorean Archipelago have to offer.

Along the way we will find goats. These wild animals that populate the steep slopes of the island, especially on the north coast, were, after the earthquake in 1980, released and now are the most common inhabitants in these parts.

We’ll walk on a parallel path to the valley which will provide incredible views towards Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo and Fajã dos Cubres as well as the islands of Graciosa and Terceira. In summer, hydrangeas give a special color to this landscape, orchestrated by the singing of birds that nest there.

Our snack will be in the “restaurant” with the best view of the world, the "Paradise Valley".

Going down towards the mythical Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, we will take a break for lunch and enjoy the place. We can also swim in the calm waters of its lagoon, inviting for a swim before lunch.

Descend to the mythical Faja the Caldeira de Santo Cristo, where we will break for lunch and enjoy the place. We can also swim in the calm waters of its lagoon, inviting for a swim before lunch.

Only 35 minutes separate us from the ex libris of the island of Sao Jorge, the mythical Fajã da Caldeira de Santo Cristo, where we will visit this place and have a guided tour in the Interpretation Center. We can also swim in the lagoon where clams are reproduced, inviting us to dive before the last stage of the tour.

The trail that will take us to Fajã dos Cubres has an extension of 5 km along the coast, where our transfers await us. On the way out of the last fajã we will stop at the sightseeing on the north coast, to say goodbye, with one last photo, to this place "blessed by God and Nature."

activity information

difficulty level

Distance of the Hiking

total distance: 12km

Hiking duration

hiking: 5h

Total Time of the Activity

total time: 6h

Starting Point

start: piquino da urze

Finish Point

finish: fajã dos cubres


north coast

Maximum Altitude

altitude max: 720m

14 years


additional information

Ponto de Encontro

meeting point

 The meeting point is where the activity starts.
When you make the reservation, a link will be sent to you with the location of the Meeting Point to the activity's starting point. 

bring to the activity

Comfortable and light clothing;

Hiking boots or tennis shoes;


Backpack not exceeding 25L;

Waterproof jacket;

Wind shield.;


included in the activity

​​​​​​​ Accredited guides;




Gift Aventour.


- You get a discount of 5€ per person, if you go directly to the meeting point for the activity. We will send you the coordinates (Google Maps) of the meeting point.

- The prices for a single client, at the time of booking, are 50% off. On the date of the activity, if there is only one client, you will have to pay the remaining 50% (at the meeting point), if there are no other clients for the same tour.