• South Route Hiking Trail in Sao Jorge Island in Azores

Walking Trail South Route

Walking tour with a visit to the coffee plantation at Fajã dos Vimes and discover nine other typical fajãs along the south coast of São Jorge Island.

This trail starts in Portal (in Ribeira Seca - Calheta) and goes down a trail with many steps until Fajã da Fragueira. The most illustrious inhabitant of this fajã was Maestro Francisco de Lacerda, who is said to have been born in the largest house of this place that is now in ruins.

Further down the coast, we arrive to fajã dos Vimes, where you’ll find a coffee production. Here we’ll stop in order to visit the coffee plants and the handcraft house. This Fajã and Fajã de São João are the only places in Europe with coffee productions.

We will pass by Fajã Fonte de Nicolau to get to Fajã dos Bodes. You can see old water mills and small plots cultivated along the way.

South Route Hiking Trail in Sao Jorge Island in Azores

In Fajã dos Bodes there are people living, but many of them only go down to the fajã during the time of transhumance, coming from Loural to cultivate the land in January, February and March. Following East, we pass by Fajã do Cavalete before starting the ascent to Loural. This place gave its name to the very famous cheese of the island of San Jorge. The cheese of Lourais, which now has its production in the cooperative in the Parish of Ribeira Seca, which still has the same name: Lourais.


Fajã de São João is still inhabited all year round. This is due to its temperate weather and its fertile land for cultivation. It is another of the two places in Europe which produces coffee, as Fajã dos Vimes. This is the end of our walking tour. For those who want to know Fajã da Saramagueira, we can go on for almost 1 hour walk. Who is not interested, you can taste the Angelica (the typical drink of San Jorge) and enjoy the scenery in contact with the locals who stop in this nice typical coffee shop in São João.

activity information

difficulty level

Distance of the Hiking

total distance: 17km

Hiking duration

hiking: 5h

Total Time of the Activity

total time: 6h

Starting Point

start: portal

Finish Point

finish: fajã são joão


south coast

Maximum Altitude

altitude max: 500m

12 years


additional information

Ponto de Encontro

meeting point

 The meeting point is where the activity starts.
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bring to the activity

Comfortable and light clothing;

Hiking boots or tennis shoes;


Backpack not exceeding 25L;

Waterproof jacket;

Wind shield.;


included in the activity

​​​​​​​ Accredited guides;




Gift Aventour.


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