• Aquatic Walks in Sao Jorge Island - Azores
  • Aquatic Walks in Sao Jorge Island - Azores
  • Aquatic Walks in Sao Jorge Island - Azores

aquatic walks

aquatic walks in sao jorge island - azores

Aquatic Walks are recent in Portugal. This is a walk, but in the line of the river. Each participant takes a wetsuit for his/her comfort and a helmet for protection.

The silence and the contact with nature are the main features of this activity. On an aquatic walk you can observe wildlife and lush flora, unusual sights for the visitors. Different rock formations along the route are always a constant, and in each step a discovery.

The activity is done on a path with a few small slopes, which do not require the use of abseilling techniques. Some obstacles will be overcome by swimming in the magnificent pools along the route.

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Aquatic Walks in Sao Jorge Island - Azores

activity informations

Water line distance

distance  < 0.5Km

highest waterfall

highest waterfall  5m

Canyoning duration

duration  < 03h

Approach Hiking time

approach 01h

Tour Total time

 total time < 5h


difficulty level

minimum age

12  years

price 1 px


price 2 or + px


ativity number


additional information

bring to the activity

Swimwear, if possible already dressed;


Elastic (if applicable);

Confortable clothes;


Slippers or shoes for the end of the activity.

included in activity

Accredited guides;

All equipment (shoes, harness, neoprene suit, helmet);



Snack and waters;

Gift Aventour.